About Us

The Butler Dads Club was created in 1996 to promote unity among Butler Elementary’s parents and children by sponsoring functions and activities for their enjoyment. Our motto is “Having fun, making memories.” Membership is open to all guardians of students who attend Butler Elementary School.

We perform special projects and utilizes proceeds from events to enhance our children’s school environment and education.

What are our goals?

  • Provide a high quality educational environment.
  • Help you build a stronger bond with your children.
  • Create a network of involved and active fathers.

Who benefits from the Dads Club?

  • Fathers: develop a closer relationship with their kids.
  • Children: realize their fathers value their education.
  • Schools: experience greater parental involvement and assistance in the classroom.

What do we plan to do this year?

  • Support the school through contributions that enhance the quality of education.
  • Host our annual daddy/son/daughter events to promote father involvement.
  • Support specific PTA events through attendance and volunteering.
  • Support the school administration with a series of “weekend warrior” work days.
  • Keep dads informed of school activities and opportunities for involvement through the BDC web site.
  • “Have Fun Making Memories”.