Special Meeting: Tue. May 31st, 7:00pm in the Butler Cafeteria

"Vote or Die"We are having a special meeting called for next Tuesday, May 31st at 7:00pm in the Butler Cafeteria to approve our slate of new officers for next year and to ask for nominations to chair our new work committees.

Election of BDC Officers:

As directed by our bylaws, we need to have the members at large approve our slate of new officers for the next school year.  We are putting finishing touches on the slate and will have it finalized in time for Tuesday’s meeting.

Committee Chair Nominations:

In addition, we will be taking nominations for Committee Chairs. As part of our changes for next year, we are going to be appointing committee chairs for all of our major events similar to the PTA. Please email or let us know at next weeks meeting if you think you would like to volunteer on or chair one of these committees.

Volunteering for a committee chair is a great way to volunteer and share your leadership skills without having to commit to a full year of activity. No experience necessary though. Each committee will have an experienced past or present BDC officer as a member to help advise the Chairman.

The preliminary list of committees are:

  1. Father/Son Golf
  2. Daddy/Daughter Dance
  3. BBQ
  4. Weekend Warrior Work Days
  5. Garden
  6. Traffic Duty

We need your votes for our officers and need you to volunteer as a committee chair— so please show up!

We will see you next week.